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Welcome TO MY BLOG!

My name is Maria Rubert, founder of The Legal Coaching Institute, which takes off with the aim to support the legal community to build a happy, balanced and productive practice. 

My current practice as lawyer, arbitrator and entrepreneur inspire me to share the mindset and expertise to face professional and personal obstacles. 

From own and network experience, over the years have observed that most soon to be lawyers and lawyers face the following problems:

–          Uncertainty to choose the right practice field given the broadness of the law practice;

–          Inability or lack of support when seeking a job or changing positions;

–          Once they have a job they face problems to balance personal and professional needs;

–          Heavy stress;

–          Loss of productivity;

–          Get stuck in a position that they hate;

–          Fear changing positions or leaving the professional altogether for another field that attracts them more.

Law firms and their managements are unable to:

–          Manage teams effectively;

–          Increase productivity and market share;

–          Frame their values and areas of specialty;

–          Build the practice and firm they would be proud of.

I have gone over most of the listed issues above yet I’m very proud to have become a civil-common law lawyer, an arbitrator on top of having a couple of parallel businesses. 

Most of these problems (if not all of them!) can be fixed by removing limiting beliefs (‘such possibility is for others, not for me’) and creating habits towards the life and practice we wish to have. 

Everything is possible with the right energy created by positive beliefs and habits. 

Unfortunately in our career we tend to wait until a major emotional breakdown (loss of a job, marital split, major stress, inability to economically sustain ourselves, etc.) to stick to changes and make it happen.

The Legal Coaching Institute walks next to lawyers, law students and law firms to make positive changes a reality. We hope that you will get positive information from our Blog and Website.

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