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Maria is a lawyer, arbitrator and entrepreneur with a foot in Dubai and Egypt and a hand in Spain. Law schools do not prepare real people nor real lawyers. We should be trained or educated on how to deal with the pressures that the legal profession create.

By cooperating with the Legal Coaching Institute, I aim to shorten the suffering of those who start or those who do not know how to continue. As in any relationship, the legal profession may not be for everyone or may not be for everyone forever. For sure it is not for everyone in same terms. We need the new and challenge to continue growing and learning.

“I believe in giving back and help those who now are where I once was”

Looking back, I’m still in the storm, a beatiful storm where we need to make decisions constantly, by th second almost in the XXI century. It is only when you learn to enjoy and accept that you will always need to steer your life and profession that magic, efficiency and productivity starts to happen. It happens by adopting habits and perceptions that are alligned and coherent with what we wish ourselves to be. It is only when we are closer to that image of ourselves that we can say that we are full and achieved.

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